Shiba Inu Now Has Its Own Fast Food Chain

Shiba Inu’s lead developer Shytoshi Kusama announced a first, unique SHIB-themed restaurant called Welly’s. The fast food chain is community driven and powered by blockchain technology. Fast food restaurant chains like McDonald’s are entering the Metaverse, while blockchain-based projects like Shiba Inu are building something in the real world.

The SHIB token is accepted as payment in store, but rival meme coin Dogecoin is also an option. Shytoshi Kusama, the developer of Shiba Inu, wrote in his blog post:

“The Welly’s team will continue to work on perfecting Shib’s initial offering, integration and strategies, exploring the flagship location, best structuring the planned NFTs and devising strategic methods for scaling (location, price, menu, etc. ) work. We have some surprises in store for SHIB ARMY and this is just the beginning for Shib and food.”

There is currently only one store in Naples, but the team plans to expand globally and dismisses the idea of ​​partnering with “large centralized conglomerates”. While some might dismiss the recent partnership as a gimmick, the team insist it’s built for the long haul.

Welly’s new addition to the Shiba Inu ecosystem is based on “real life” and not social media. This development would lead to the average person realizing what Shiba Inu is and what he stands for. Reaching mainstream audiences far and wide will only increase its prospects and remain a dominant force in the market.

There are more crypto news from the fast food restaurant space, for example Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently asked McDonald’s to accept Dogecoin, but the fast-food giant laughed at the suggestion, jokingly asking the electric car maker to accept “Grimacecoin”. Then Burger King also tried to get involved with a tweet saying that “only a king knows what da coin do”.

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    • […] The meme coin is currently overtaking Terra and Uniswap by market cap. However the really big fields of application were missing so far, but Shiba Inu now shines with a possible use as a means of payment. Because Candoli Propiedades, an Argentine real estate agency recently integrated the Shiba Inu coin into their payment system. Customers can now use the dog token SHIB as a means of payment for buying or renting real estate. Aside of that, Shiba Inu now also has its own fast food chain. […]

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